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Our Coaches

Finding Inspiration in Every Conversation

How we select and train our coaches

We want you to have the best coaches and reach your goals

  1. Coach candidates are screened based on their academic background and corporate experience. Coaches must have TEFL/TESOL qualifications or extensive teaching or corporate experience to qualify. Only those with more than 10 years experience are selected because they can train you using experience and knowledge. 

  2. Coach candidates must then pass skills assessments.  Two experienced coaches assess their presentation skills and other pracitcal skills. 

  3. Candidates must then pass an interview to confirm that their approaches and mentalities will enable them to be effective coaches.

  4. After a Coach is hired, they undergo training to use our structured feedback documents and they understand how to deliver what we promise you. 

  5. Coaches are evaluated periodically by our team and our clients. If a coach is not performing to the standard that clients require, then we retrain the coach if possible. 

  6. Coaches are offered ongoing training and support. We meet to discuss challenges, techniques and best practices to make sure we can always help our clients reach their goals.  

Find out more about how to achieve your goals 

Featured Coaches

Here are some of our top coaches:

Daniela B.jpg


Degree in International Business and Languages, Neurolanguage Coach®


10 years corporate and 5 years teaching experience



PhD in Education, over

15 000 hours of teaching experience in 6 countries

8 years corporate and 25 years teaching

Edward .png



Masters in Business Law,  Public Speaking and presentations coach

5 years Corporate and 11 years teaching experience

Lisa K.jpeg



BA Corporate Communication, Cultural Studies &English Literature

5 years Corporate experience & 8 years teaching

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