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Key information: 

Accent:  Fully Bilingual - British English with moderate Afrikaans accent

Experience :  23 Years Experience in total: 15 years Public Speaking Coaching - presentation and communication, 8 years in the mining industry*

*Years of experience may overlap or only featured experience is written down

Marina's Background

Marina holds a Masters degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on people development. She also completed a Masters in Business Leadership focusing on business administration and leadership.

During her 23 years’ experience in Human Resource Development, she gained knowledge of the required management skills in the mining industry, government, and private sector.

She developed and implemented leadership development programs in the corporate world, teaching upcoming leaders the art of leadership and the life skills necessary for success in the modern-day business environment.

She is currently involved in coaching and training which has been her focus since 2007. She is an expert in communicating with a diverse group of people and has 15 years of experience teaching clients communication and presentation skills. Marina is a firm believer in empowering people through coaching, and is passionate about facilitating the process of change.

She enjoys long walks along the beach, hiking in the mountains, spending time with loved ones and meeting new people. She is also an ardent sports fan and loves watching her favourite teams perform.

General Availability

Monday to Friday  3pm to 12pm KST

Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 11pm KST

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