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Key information: 

Accent: Neutral, British/South African

Experience :  16 Years Experience in total: 7 years Public Speaking Coaching, 5 years Legal practice, 4 years Business English Coaching 

Edward's Background

Edward is an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public of the High Court of South Africa with over 5 years of corporate legal experience. He completed his LLB degree and Masters in Business law

He is currently non-practicing but has been teaching Legal/Business English and cross-cultural communication skills since 2018, travelling with his wife and working on his Doctorate in the field of comparative International Property Law.

He has unique experience in coaching both first and second language speakers in the art of Public Speaking and Debating, boasting 7 years of part time work experience in this field. His debating teams, made up of first and second language speakers, were ranked competitively in South Africa with some students progressing to represent the province and the country internationally.

He has now completed over 5750 one-on-one sessions with Korean Professionals so he has a wealth of specialised knowledge. Outside of coaching, Edward likes travelling, gardening, kayaking, swimming and long discussions about how the world should be. 

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