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Marion K.

Key information: 

Accent: Neutral, British/South African

Experience :  29 Years Experience in total

*Years of experience may overlap or only featured experience is written down

Marion's Background

Marion is a qualified librarian, professional editor and proofreader, and English coach. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Psychology and Legal Studies, as well as an advanced Diploma in Information Studies (with Distinction) from South African universities. She has also qualified with a Diploma in Proofreading and Editing (with Merit) from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies.

Marion’s main focus in her 29-year career has been in education, ranging from teaching adults how to use computers, to assisting students with research methods and improving their English. Coaching debating has provided her with cross-cultural experience in helping non-native speakers to improve their speaking and presentation skills in English. She has coached English online to South Korean business professionals for the past year. With her knowledge of world literature and trends in information dissemination, she endeavours to keep up with the changes in technology and innovation, by adopting a life-long learning approach to all that she does.

Editing many different types of documents throughout her career has led to Marion’s grammatical skills in English being honed to spot errors almost instantly. Not only that, but she has the ability to fine tune a document for the target audience, so that the writer can feel confident that their message will be accurately conveyed. Marketing publications, teacher reports, student essays and projects, journal articles, online presentations and novels, as well as checking bibliographies, are just some examples of the work she undertakes for her clients. 

General availability: 

Wednesday and Friday  4pm to 6pm KST. 

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