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Paul O.

Key information: 

Accent: Clear/International, Australian

Experience :  28 Years Experience in total: 12 Years experience teaching internationally 

Paul's Background

Paul is a freelance strategic learning and development consultant based between Bangkok and Australia. Completing his education and formative work years in Australia, his work has now shifted to the startup world and supporting enterprise growth and strategic development aligned to the fundamental shifts occurring in the world of work.

Paul has worked in education and private enterprise in Australia and SE Asia for over thirty years working  predominantly in the transformation of learning and development practices and in the redesign and repositioning of business to align more directly to changing communities. He is currently supporting and mentoring strategic leaders who are rebuilding culture in their organizations  post pandemic.

Working internationally for over 12 years Paul has developed a strong cultural awareness of  differences across various communities and how to understand and work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds.

While working for an Australian University and undertaking doctoral studies, Paul explored the intersection of learning technologies with human learning characteristics and developed strategies and models to embrace technology more meaningfully within instructional design models. He has published many journal articles in this field.

Paul enjoys making things, and during his teaching career taught woodwork, metalwork, painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. He is also a musician, playing guitar and piano. As a woodworker, he enjoys home renovations and is inspired by Japanese contemporary architecture. He is also a motorbike enthusiast and enjoys traveling to those hard to get to places. Pre covid he was exploring the many unique communities in Northern Vietnam by motorbike.
Paul has two adult children who live in Australia.

General Availability: 
M,T,W,Th - 8am - 10am KST 

M,T,W,Th - 6pm to 01 am KST 

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