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Suraya P.

Key information: 

Accent: Neutral, Australian / New Zealand

Experience :  7 Years Experience in total: 7 years HR

*Years of experience may overlap or only featured experience is written down

Suraya's Background

Suraya is a business professional with over 7 years’ experience working in Human Resources across Australia and New Zealand. She has completed Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Health Science, and recently finished a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Suraya loves helping others, and is passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.


During her time working in Human Resources, she has helped grow organisations and their employees. She has partnered with leaders to develop their management skills, improved the engagement of employees and facilitated learning and development programs. With experience in APAC regions, she understands how to interact cross culturally. 


She has recently started helping others develop their English skills, and has gained experience tutoring and mentoring different ages and levels online. She also has experience utilising her expertise in Human Resources to help others prepare for job interviews and excel in their communication and relationship building skills within business environments.


In her spare time, Suraya loves traveling, immersing herself in new cultures, hiking, trying new foods and listening to music.


General Availability: 

Monday to Friday 5 am - 7am and 3.30pm-8pm

Saturday 6am-11am

Sunday 7am-1pm

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