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Daniela B.

Key information: 

Accent: Neutral, American

Experience :  20 Years Experience in total: 10 years Banking, 15 years Language translation, localization and Business English Coaching *

*Years of experience may overlap or only featured experience is written down

Daniela's Background

Daniela is a Professional Neurolanguage Coach® specializing in English and German. With over 600 online coaching hours under her belt, she brings a wealth of experience to her clients. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Languages, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Adult Training, Daniela is well-equipped to guide individuals in their language learning journey. She is also a certified Associate Certified Coach (ACC), accredited by the International Coaching Federation since 2022.

Daniela's international commenced with her one-year experience as an au pair, and continued with a Spanish summer banking internship and French study program abroad. She also served as an international guest representative on several cruise ships. With a solid 10-year professional banking career, Daniela started in Electronic Brokerage and Global Custody at a renowned US private bank. She later went on to establish a successful fund representative business for a global bank over a span of four years.

In her role as a language coach, Daniela spent two years managing a local Saturday language school and teaching at numerous language summer camps. Over the past three years, she has developed personalized communication and language programs tailored to the specific needs of international families and professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and CEOs. Additionally, Daniela regularly undertakes translation projects, specializing in English to German translations.

Daniela’s family has a multicultural background, with her husband growing up in a Filipino/American family. Together, they are proud parents of two remarkable, multilingual daughters who speak English, Mandarin, and German. During their cherished spare time, the family enjoys engaging in activities such as reading, traveling, sports, and art.

Monday and Thursday -  7 am to 12 noon. KST

Tuesday and Friday - 7 to 10 am KST 

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