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Dr. Wallace

Key information: 

Accent:  Standard American

Experience :  18 Years Experience in total:  6 years in Social Work and 12 years teaching*

*Years of experience may overlap or only featured experience is written down

Wallace's Background

Dr. Wallace BA, MA, PhD, is a US citizen with a clear accent and excellent listening and teaching skills.

He earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Social Work in the United States, with a focus on mental wellness. He later completed his PhD in 2021 with a dissertation focused on the second language application in Chinese classroom setting. This means he has deep knowledge of how to teach English in Asia.

Wallace also teaches other English teachers how to teach better. He trains ESL teachers, so we know that he really is a competent coach.

He moved to China in 2010 and taught high school students and professionals for 12 years before moving to Vietnam where he works as an IELTS instructor.  As an instructor, Wallace is responsible for creation of courses and curriculum, ensuring that content matches established objectives. 

Wallace is one of our busier coaches due to his superb skills, so he usually has no daytime sessions available, but we asked him to take additional work in the evenings. He is friendly, professional, and passionate.

In his spare time, he likes to volunteer with environmental awareness projects.  He values his physical and mental wellbeing, so he swims or walks for daily exercise. He enjoys cooking, photography, and meditation to relax. He enjoys reading articles and watching documentaries too.

General Availability: 
Monday to Friday  7pm – 10pm KST 
Saturday 3pm – 10pm KST
Sunday 3pm – 10pm KST


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